Our Vision

Focused on achievement – regardless of socioeconomic status, race, native language, or other elements of privilege or challenge.

The mission of the Bentley Academy Innovation School (BAIS) is to prepare all students for personal and academic success. The vision of BAIS is that BAIS students will achieve at the same high levels regardless of socioeconomic status, race, native language, or other elements of privilege or challenge. By applying the key design elements of our educational program with vigorous reinforcement of our core values, BAIS will eliminate the achievement gap and graduate students with the academic skills and personal mindset to succeed in middle and high school so that a wide range of post-secondary options are available to them.

Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, the district will be locating a newly developed dual language program at the Bentley School. The new Dual Language Program is a two-way immersion Spanish-English program that will serve both English Learners and Spanish Learners in becoming academically successful, biliterate, bilingual learners who display empathy and cultural curiosity. This programmatic mission aligns well with the mission and vision at Bentley and will be integrated within the school.

Principal Message

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Welcome to Bentley Academy Innovation School!

Bentley’s innovation plan is grounded in the successes experienced by the school when it was an in-district charter school and includes a focus on Salem’s new Dual Language (Spanish) program and alignment with Salem Public Schools’ drive to become a fully inclusive, anti-racist organizaiton. In the coming year, our initiatives include cultivating culturally and linguistically responsive, social justice-driven staff, empowering students and engaging families as partners, improving structures for students’ social-emotional supports, and using data-driven systems to ensure high achievement for all students.


Culture of Equity and Achievement

  • Monthly Town Halls
  • Core Values
  • SEL
  • PBIS/Regar the Jar!
  • College Visits
  • New Outdoor Learning Space


  • STEAM Focus
  • W.I.N. (What I Need) Intervention/ Extension Blocks
  • All students receive Spanish Instruction
  • Extended School Day
  • Vacation Academies


  • Home Visits
  • Active PTA
  • Advisory Board
  • Community Enrichment Partners
  • YMCA After School Program on-site

Dual-Language Program

  • Dual-Language Program housed at Bentley
  • To apply, opt-in to the Dual Language lottery on the registration packet

Join Our PTA!

If you’re interested in joining our Bentley Academy Innovation School PTA, be on the lookout for our 1st family newsletter in the fall, which will contain the date and link to attend the PTA meeting. Our goal is to have a multilingual, multicultural, inclusive PTA so we encourage all families to join!


Salem Public Schools District Core Values

Belonging – We believe all members of our community are valued and that our relationships are built on empathy and respect.

Equity – We believe in promoting social justice to ensure an inclusive school community where all members are empowered and engaged.

Opportunity – We believe all students should receive a personalized experience to achieve academic success, find joy in their learning, and have multiple choices for their post-secondary plans.