Program Facts

The Spanish-English Dual Language Program at the Bentley School is an exciting opportunity for Salem students to grow to master two languages, beginning in kindergarten! In the Dual Language program, we work to ensure that all students:

  • Achieve at high levels academically, in all their subjects
  • Are able to listen, speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish (bilingual & biliterate)
  • Build lasting friendships with classmates of different cultures and backgrounds

Learning In Two Languages

Students in the Dual Language Program start in kindergarten learning almost entirely in Spanish!  Students spend 90% of their academic day learning in Spanish and 10% of their day in English.  As the program progresses through the grades, students gradually spend more time learning in English until they spend half of the day in each language in Grade 4.

Why so much Spanish in Kindergarten?

  • Spanish is a transparent language—it is easier and faster to learn to read in Spanish than in English
  • Students who learn to read in Spanish first learn to read faster in English than students who learn to read first in English (regardless of home language!)
  • A strong base of Spanish in kindergarten helps students become truly biliterate in Spanish
what does language do for you?

Learn more about our Dual Language Program in this video!
¡Aprende más acerca de nuestro Programa Bilingüe en este video!

From a Former Dual Language Student

“Being taught in two languages by teachers who, regardless of their ethnic makeup, were helping me preserve my culture while also adopting the English language. I can honestly say that my time in the program shaped the course of my life and led me to a fulfilling and financially stable career.”

“El haber aprendido en dos idiomas por maestros que independientemente de su composición étnica, me ayudaron a preservar mi cultura al mismo tiempo que adoptaba el idioma inglés. Puedo decir honestamente que mi tiempo en el programa dio forma al curso de mi vida y me llevó a una carrera satisfactoria y financieramente estable.”  

-Grecia Perez, Attorney, Former Salem Dual Language Student