BAIS believes that families are essential partners in helping students achieve academically and socially.

As discussed earlier, teachers will be trained before the school year on how to complete successful home visits and will be encouraged to complete home visits for their students within the first few months of school. These home visits will create the foundation for productive communication and authentic engagement with families. The home visits are all about building a relationship. During the home visit teachers ask the parents to do most of the talking. They describe the goals and expectations have for their child, explain their child’s strengths and weaknesses as they see them, and any hopes or concerns they have for their child. The teachers are there to listen and answer questions that the parents ask. By the end of the home visit it is the hope that the parent and the teacher have created the beginning of a bond that will grow and develop throughout the year(s) that the student attends BAIS. This bond will be fostered through communication, events, and opportunities for the teacher and the parent to engage in new and different ways. We will continue to partner with 1647 Foundation to provide high quality home visits. Teachers and staff are paid $45 per visit. The rate of pay for home visits will increase in accordance with any negotiated increase to the teacher hourly rate found in the STU teachers’ Collective Bargaining Agreement.